Trentino’s fish


Not only trouts…


In Trentino we have all the species of fish that live on the Alps. Most of all we have all kind of trouts and members of their family like whitefish, char, grayling. But we have also some typical lake fish such as pike, perch, chub, and more. Here are the main kinds of fish you can find with us in our waters:


Rare and endangered species, Marble trout is the biggest trout of our rivers. Shy, elusive, difficult to catch, is always the most desired target for fishermen from all over the world. It lives in rivers and streams in the bottom valleys. Do you like the challenge?



Is the most common trout of our waters, it lives in every river, stream, creek and also in some mountain lakes. Usually our browns are red spotted and amazing!



 It’s the hybrid between marble and brown, it lives in all marble’s waters. Most common catch in many rivers and streams. It has a huge variety of liveries, depending on the proximity to one of the 2 species.


Silver, fast, aggressive, crazy! This trout, similar to the seatrout, is like a saltwater predator. You cand find it in many lakes and they are active close to the surface in January and October, sometime also April and early May. Casting lures from the boat is the best solution. During the winter under the snow-capped Dolomites!


 What an incredible history of survivor! This particular fish comes from the Ice Age and lives in the coldest waters of mysteriuos mountain lakes, often over 2000 m. Rare and shy, you can catch it with lures or dry fly during the summer in a hiking & fishing trip on mountains. From the boat in winter and spring under the Dolomites in big lakes, togheter with perch and lake trout.


The prince of the flyfishing, so selective on the dry fly! It lives in Adige river and in some big streams. Here you can find very good sizes ( 40-50 cm )


Nice and silver fish, you can find it in many lakes, also with good sizes ( 40-60 cm ). Usually we fish lake whitefish from the boat in winter and spring.


The princess, the most beautiful bottom fish of our lakes. From May to October, nice sizes around 2-3 kg are always possible!


Beautiful and powerful fish, have you ever tried barbel fishing on the fly? Crazy! With a medium size between 1 and 3 kg. If you try…you won’t be able to do without it! Some fishermen say “better than trout fishing”


Brook trout: you can find it in both mountain creeks and lakes, often with brown trouts and alpine chars. Aggressive and easy to catch on the dry fly.

Rainbow trout: most of all are hatchery fishes put into some lakes just for fisherman’s fun. But in some streams and creeks we have also some wild populations.

Pike: in the major part of the lakes we have pikes, not in all you can find some big ones.

Perch: as pike we can find perch in all Trentino’s lakes, but only some lakes have a very good population.

Chub: Chubs are everywhere in the lakes, in Adige River and in the biggest streams. Always challenging with their attacks on surface!

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