Trentino’s fish


Not only trouts…


In Trentino we have all the species of fish that live on the Alps. Most of all we have all kind of trouts and members of their family like whitefish, char, grayling. But we have also some typical lake fish such as pike, perch, chub, and more. Here are the main kinds of fish you can find with us in our waters:

Marble trout: it lives in Adige river, in all the biggest streams and in some minor creeks, sometimes also till 1000 m slm.

Brown trout: is the most common trout of our waters, it lives in every river, stream, creek and also in some mountain lakes

Hybrid trout: it’s the hybrid between marble and brown, lives in all marble’s waters.

Lake trout: beautiful silver trout, you cand find it in many lakes.

Rainbow trout: most of all are hatchery fishes put into some lakes just for fisherman’s fun. But in some streams and creeks we have also some wild populations.

Alpine char: whith and incredible history of survivor, this particular fish comes from the Ice Age and lives in the coldest waters of mysteriuos mountain lakes.

Brook char: you can find it in both mountain creeks and lakes, often with brown trouts and alpine chars.

Grayling: it lives in Adige river and in some big streams. Here you can find very good sizes ( 40-50 cm )

Lake whitefish: nice and silver fish, you can found it in many lakes, also with good size ( 40-60 cm )

Pike: in the major part of the lakes we have pikes, not in all you can find some big ones.

Perch: as pike we can find perch in all Trentino’s lakes, but only some lakes have a very good population.

Black bass: there are only few lakes with black bass. Come and discover with us!

Chub: Chubs are everywhere in the lakes, in Adige River and in the biggest streams.

Barbel: beautiful and powerful fish, we have some in Adige River, Sarca and Avisio.

Other kind of fishes are available like eel, gardon, tench, carp, crayfish, catfish, etc…

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